Thursday, November 4, 2021

9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Welcome to Southern California Edison’s 2021 Annual Water Conference.


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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our 2021 Annual Water Conference will once again be a virtual experience for our customers and partners.

This year’s conference is designed for industrial, urban, and agricultural customers. The main purpose is to provide information regarding the state of water, availability, regulation, polices, technology, and potential opportunities.

We have put together a comprehensive series of breakout sessions to help farmers, water distribution operators, managers, engineers, and energy professionals maximize their pump and water systems.


Keynote Speaker

Demetri Polyzo
Metropolitan Water District Water

 Supply Reliability - Challenges in an Uncertain World

This in-depth presentation discusses current supply conditions and the underlying issues with the uncertainties we are facing – climate change, projecting water demands, future regulations – and how we can be prepared for what might come.


Guest Speakers

Carrie Buckman
Environmental Program Manager
Department of Water Resources

Long-Term Reliability for Delta Conveyance

This presentation will share the purpose of the Delta Conveyance Project as a way to improve reliability to respond to pressure from climate change, sea-level rise, and earthquake risk.


Michael Caropolo
Meteorologist Advisor
Southern California Edison

Weather Extremes from Atmospheric Rivers to Drought

Learn the science of atmospheric rivers and other storm characteristics and their impacts on SCE. The topic of discussion will focus on critical levels of the drought and better understand water and weather patterns.


Ryan Stewart
Southern California Edison

The Future of our Forests: The Effects of Catastrophic Fire on Vegetation and Water Quality

 Understand the effects of the recent fires related to water quality, forest growth, and drought challenges. Learn about the natural delivery of water from mountains to streams, rivers, and lakes that are greatly affected by the biological and environmental changes.

Panel Discussion

This year's panel will discuss how they are addressing the state of water in their regions.

Topics covered:

Science and technology used to base water allocations and efforts to deal with droughts

Contingency plans for extended drought scenarios

Policies shaping the water industry

Regional obstacles

Contact Hours

2.5 Contact Hour, State Water Resources Control Board (Drinking Water Division: Water Distribution Operators)

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